We have been in ongoing contact with our suppliers to uncover any possible disruptions in supply, and we are pleased to inform you that as of this date there are not any apparent issues that will impact our ability to serve your needs.  We will continue to monitor the situation closely and notify you should any changes occur.

In addition, one of the divisions in our family of companies provides HR advising services and they have put together a resource page. Should you need help navigating the impact of COVID-19 upon your workforce, we hope these resources can assist.

In these troubling times, we wish you and yours safety and health.

Abbey Products is the preeminent manufacturer of high performance bonding, repair and industrial maintenance products and supplies, including epoxy concrete repair, gas leak detection fluid and pipe thread sealant products. Abbey Products engineers these industrial maintenance materials for industrial, commercial and military applications.


Our industrial maintenance materials include thermosetting epoxies and urethanes used for industrial, commercial, military and defense repair and maintenance uses. Our leak detection fluids are preferred for finding compressed gas and natural gas leaks in tough field conditions.

  • EPI-SEAL® Concrete Repair Epoxy Grout Material
  • LEAK-SEEK® and LEAK-DETEX® Gas Leak Detection Fluid
  • CYL-SEAL® Pipe Thread Sealant


Often, our customers’ requirements may include the need for product development and in-depth laboratory testing of new industrial maintenance products. Abbey Products provides confidential and customized material solutions for special demanding customer requirements. We can tailor our arsenal of technology in thermosetting epoxy polymers, urethane polymers and special filler materials to meet customers’ specific applications.

Special requirements for our industrial maintenance materials may also include the need for bonding to unusual materials, or resistance to decades of exposure to abusive factors such as water, biological agents, chemicals, vibration and impact.

With a flexible and responsive range of production equipment and a fully equipped laboratory, Abbey Products can take a new industrial maintenance product from R&D to manufacturing. Our customers receive their products with appropriate packaging and instructions for effective use in their particular application.

Abbey welcomes inquiries for your industrial maintenance materials and commercial bonding and protection requirements

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